About Us


Our College was established in 1997 by Madam Professor Pearl Gopaul at her residence, #19 Cedar Drive in Marabella. After two years the College outgrew its space and now occupies 11,500sq.ft of land, at # 68 Market Street.

Since its formation the College has undergone tremendous changes. The College has expanded its syllabus and teaching staff and has shifted the focus of the Massage program from Swedish to Medical Massage. The Cosmetology program has been shifted from a theory based program to a Competency Based system with defined performance criteria. The College provides the necessary learning tools, equipment for students. Our original program in Massage Therapy was three hundred hours; it has now been extended to one thousand and two hours in keeping with International Standards. Cosmetology has now been extended to a Levels 1 and Level 2 with CVQ awards rather than just a certificate.



The Vision of the College is to continue to provide students with the appropriate Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes to meet the current job market.  



The Trinidad & Tobago College of Therapeutic Massage & Beauty Culture Ltd. is committed to provide the highest standards of training in Medical Massage Therapy and Cosmetology, whereby students are exposed to a wide range of modern techniques and technologies.  We aspire to graduate highly competent and skilled Massage Therapists and Cosmetologists in the art and science of the respective profession, to meet the growing needs of an improved holistic healthcare delivery system.




College Principal Madam Professor Emiritus Ms. Pearl Gopaul

Madam Professor Gopaul is a Director/Co-founder of Trinidad And Tobago College of Therapeutic Massage & Beauty Culture Limited and Co fonder of Gopaul’s Massage Clinic and has been practicing Massage Therapy since 1985. She has attained certifications in Swedish massage, Sports Massage, and Neuromuscular Therapy and has studied numerous other Modalities. She has also graduated average 1,250 students both in Therapeutic Massage & Cosmetology to date 2017.

Mr. Pravin Gopaul - Vice Principal/Lecturer

Mr. Gopaul has already gathered 18 years plus of expertise in the Beauty and Massage Sector. Having graduated from Naparima Boys College, he worked at a Private Company as a temporary administrator in the accounts department. He then gained full time employment in the Banking field first with the Bank of Commerce and then Scotia Bank. It is evidence in his qualification and work experience banking was not his calling. In 1995 he left for the USA to study Massage Therapy where he gained knowledge as a Practitioner and Educator where he is the Vice Principal at the Trinidad & Tobago College of Therapeutic Massage & Beauty Culture Ltd. Since then Mr. Pravin Gopaul has never missed an opportunity to upgrade himself in his chosen career: - Therapeutic Massage and Beauty Culture.


Message from the Principal

Welcome to Trinidad & Tobago College of Therapeutic Massage & Beauty Culture Limited, I am Professor Pearl Gopaul and I am the Founder and Director of the College, I personally wish to invite you to request information and explore the possibility of becoming a Massage Therapist or Cosmetologist and when you do we will send you the information.


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