Applicants will not be considered registered unless your registration fee is paid and all attached documents are submitted

Please make cheques payable to " Trinidad & Tobago College of Therapeutic Massage and Beauty Culture Ltd. "

Please provide TT$200.00 (non-refundable) with your completed application.


View Printable form


Form is applicable to both Massage Therapy & Cosmetology

All applicants must complete and submit the following:

  1. All massage applicants must complete and submit the following:
    1. Application form.
    2. Copies of high school certificates I diploma.
    3. Two copies each, of birth certificate & identification card I passport.
    4. A description explaining why you want to pursue a career in
    Professional Therapeutic Massage.
    5. On a separate piece of paper please tell us more about yourself.
    6. Two recommendations from a school or someone who knows you well.
    7. Two passport size pictures, one should be inserted in the space
    given below and the other submitted with this form, to be inserted on
    your Identification card.
    8. A certificate of good character (Police record).
    9. Medical certificate (the school will provide).
    10. Incidental fee to be paid on registration day.

For further information contact the College at 658-3907